Antiqua™ is a system designed to mimic aging through the use of a plugin and a shader.

Antiqua system features a pluguin "Antiqua" and a shader "Antiquer". The plugin has four different detection algorithms to colorize "interesting" areas of your models, and cappable of colorize Ridges, caves, folds, pits, hills, model edges, and also colorizing based on other objects proximity.



The Antiquer shader is a simple reactive shader that will dirt your objects based on the information provided by the Antiqua plugin, and cappable of transfer this data to other channels as well (such as Specular or Transparency, among others).

The system is so simple, effective, and standard, that you can use all other reactive shaders as well, including Conception 1, Conception 2, Conception 3, MForge, or others.This will allow you to place virtually anything that you desire, not just dirt, but moss, rust..Additional controls include Color Modes, and ChainFilters, toperform fine selection of the desired areas. The system is full animatable.